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Prowl is an Autobot. He transforms into a Police Car


Early life[]

Before the Great War, Prowl served under Sentinel Prime in the Autobot Security Services. After the prison shuttle Longshot was hijacked by miners on route to Penal Facility H-3 with the survivors of the riot at Mining Outpost C-12, Prowl reported to incident to Sentinel Prime. Sentinel did not want to be bothered by the matter and handed it off to Prowl.[1]

Command on Earth[]

In 2001,[3] Prowl led a contingent of Autobots to establish an infiltration unit on the planet Earth.[2]

When Ratchet came across evidence that a Human had been targeted for extermination, he went to Prowl to request to intervene and save his life. Prowl found Ratchet's evidence to be tenuous and decided that deploying resources to save the Human would be a waste. Although Prowl denied the request, Ratchet went off on his own to try and save the Human.[2]

After receiving Ratchet's message, Prowl took Sunstreaker and Ironhide to rendezvous with and arrest the medic. The three Autobots used their concealed weaponry to damage and drive off Thundercracker. Transforming to robot mode, Prowl was shocked to hear Ratchet say two words: Siege Mode.[4] Prowl is known to be cold, but he is confronted, beautifully, when Kup smacks him across the faceplates with his rifle in Sins of the Wreckers.


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