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Transformers: Revolution 1 is a one-shot issue of IDW Publishing's Revolution series.

Publisher's Summary[]

THUNDERCRACKER AND BUSTER SAVE THE WORLD! A DECEPTICON who wants to be a screenwriter. A dog who wants to, I don’t know, eat stuff and chase squirrels or whatever dogs want to do. A White House under siege by DIRE WRAITHS. And the phone call that brings them all together.


At the White House, Marissa Faireborn is meeting the President of the United States when she learns of G.I. Joe's attack on the [[Bikini Atoll] base. At the same time, members of the President's security detail reveal themselves as Dire Wraiths. Faireborn calls in the one person she can trust – Thundercracker.

Thundercracker arrives and helps Faireborn to protect the President, and to scour the White House of Dire Wraith infiltration. During the battle, one Dire Wraith uses a supply of Ore-13 to grow to the size of Thundercracker, resulting in a massive duel that ends when the Dire Wraith is impaled on the Washington Monument.


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  • Bob
  • Buster
  • D.O.C.
  • Jones


Organizations and titles

Sentient species


  • Josh Boyfriend
  • Ore-13
  • Susan Journeyer

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